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Basically I’m sayin’ here, I can’t live without my baby, loving you is so damn easy for me.  

it is my lovie’s birthday and this is a playlist dedicated to her because i’m not photoshop savvy and this was the next best thing. So it’s filled with jams that remind me of her/our friendship. Happy birthday, my Michelle.

Birthday - Selena Gomez // Adore You - Miley Cyrus // She Looks So Perfect - 5SOS // Unconditionally - Katy Perry // Girls - The 1975 // Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows // Better Together - 5H // Baby I’m Yours - Arctic Monkeys // Irresistible - One Direction // Let It Out - Ed Sheeran // Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo // Strong - One Direction // All That Matters - Justin Bieber // Pretty Brown Eyes - Cody Simpson // Always Be My Baby - Mariah Carey // All Of Me - John Legend // Something I Need - OneRepublic


Now, for the sappy note. :-)

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Coming up with names for OC’s, past relations and children’s names (if your muse has a child) can be quite difficult i find so here’s a list of flower names you could use.

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M A S T E R L I S T   O F   S T A R T E R S

Here we have a masterlist of twenty starters that can be used to have long conversations or can strike inspiration for a para. Please like or reblog if you use it!

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Arctic Monkeys + Covers

On A Mission / Take It or Leave It / Come Together / Hold On We’re Going Home / Walk on the Wild Side / Red Right Hand / All My Loving / Diamonds Are Forever / Strange


Contains: 16 fonts.

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  1. DK Meshuggeneh
  2. Young Folks
  3. Cute Cartoon
  4. Batman Beat The Hell Outta Me
  5. Jabjai
  6. False 3D
  7. Phat Rave
  8. Action Jackson
  9. Maybe, Maybe Not
  10. Stefanie Dots
  11. KB Lucky Clover
  12. Barlow
  13. Threed
  14. Stripe 3D
  15. Climb The Ladder
  16. Komika Bubbles


Getting a grip on good promotion is important, but in the very same vein, staying away from annoying, desperate and inconsistent habits is just as much so. Below the cut are some common promotion mistakes admins make that I guarantee you do not draw in applicants. 

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☸-368 small/medium HQ gifs of McKayla Maroney. I do not take credit for any of these gifs, just for compiling them. If you see your gif and you want me to take it out for any reason just tell me and it will be done. Most of them were collected from ROSEGYM so tons of credit goes to them. Please like if using. [DOWNLOAD]


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Under the cut you will find a bunch of small/medium hq gifs of Crystal Reed with short hair. Crystal is best known for her role as Allison Argent on the mtv tv show Teen Wolf. There shouldn’t be any, but I apologize if there are, duplicates, non of these gifs are mine and I take no credit in them whatsoever, credit goes to the rightfull owner. Please like/reblog if you use it, please only reblog when RPH or help blog.


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